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Tracking bloom times

publication date: Apr 1, 2008

A fledgling effort to get people across the United States to report climate change data was a great success in its first year and has been expanded this year. Project BudBurst encourages “citizen scientists” to report the dates of phenological events such as the first bud burst, first leafing, first flower, and seed or fruit dispersal of a diversity of tree and flower species. The goal of the campaign is to collect useful data in a consistent way across the country so that scientists can use it to learn about the responses of individual plant species to climatic variation locally, regionally and nationally and to detect longer-term impacts of climate change.
    Project BudBurst has expanded its database to more than 80 species of plants, including native trees and shrubs, wildflowers, and a few ornamentals and exotic weeds. Anyone can register on the website to report dates of the species listed. Once registered, you can save your observation sites and the plants you are monitoring for coming years.
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