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New State of the Soil virtual marketing conference

publication date: Nov 1, 2016

By Andrew Mefferd


I’d like to tell you about a new virtual conference taking place this winter specifically to help small farms with marketing. With more than 25 speakers over five days, there will be a lot of angles covered. As one of the speakers I will be presenting the marketing ideas from my new book, which will be available in February 2017 from Chelsea Green Publishing called The Greenhouse and Hoophouse Grower’s Handbook: Organic Vegetable Production Using Protected Culture.

The motivation behind a virtual conference is that there are already a lot of great winter conferences, and more growers can participate if they don’t all have to travel to the same location. I know that is the case for me as both a speaker and virtual attendee- I will be able to present and watch others’ talks from the comfort of my own farm. And speaking as a person who has had a Facebook page for less than a year (I only got one when I needed to become the administrator for the GFM Facebook page), I am definitely going to be tuning in for some of the social media marketing talks.

If you want to watch the conference live it is free. There are other paid options to access the content after the fact. There’s more to this conference than I could possibly do justice to here. See the ad on page 7 of this magazine, and head over to for more details.

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