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Storey’s Guide to Growing Organic Vegetables & Herbs for Market

Price: $24.95

Storey Publishing's compehensive guide to growing organic vegetables and herbs

Keith Stewart is a veteran certified-organic farmer in New York State who sells at the New York City Greenmarkets. He is also an accomplished writer who has for many years written regularly for a Hudson Valley food publication, The Valley Table. He is the author of a memoir, It's a Long Road to a Tomato.
In his expansive new book, Stewart shares a great deal of his knowledge about growing and selling produce. He covers land, equipment, crop mix, growing techniques, irrigation, soil fertility, pests, greenhouses, harvesting, storage, labor, debt, customer management, sales, accounting, and much more. His guidance will be a tremendous help to both beginning and experienced growers.

6 x 9", 559 pages

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