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The Farmers Market Cookbook

Price: $29.95

The greatest value of this cookbook might be in putting it on your farmers market or CSA stand. The rich array of unusual varieties can be confusing and overwhelming to some customers. From detailed produce descriptions to storage tips, preparation techniques, and over 200 flavorful recipes, The Farmers Market Cookbook has the answer to every shopper's question, "What do I do with this?"

Featuring a range of traditional favorites alongside innovative creations showcasing the stunning flavors of heirloom fruits and vegetables, this guide to seasonal eating will help you engage your powers of creativity, learning, and experimentation. Recipes include:

  • Garlic scape vichyssoise
  • Potato fennel "risotto"
  • Beef roulade with cilantro mojo
  • Cantaloupe salsa
After you make some of these recipes yourself, you will want to hand them out to your customers to let them know what to do with your produce.

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