Deadhead: The Bindweed Way to Grow Flowers

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There's so much wisdom in the hearts and minds, not to mention the flower-farming muscles of Jeriann Sabin and Ralph Thurston, authors of Deadhead. Straightforward, honest, funny and immensely useful, Deadhead is a must-have book for anyone interested in the art and science of being a cut flower farmer.

Jeriann and Ralph share their trials, challenges, solutions and successes, saving you several seasons of having to learn those lessons on your own. Their warmth and passion for the environment, community and living sustainably is evident in the pages of Deadhead. From doses of farmer truth-telling to tried-and-true advice on growing the most popular cut flowers, this is a valuable book that will enrich your own relationship with flower farming." --Debra Prinzing, founder and creative director of