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Buy The Organic No-Till Farming RevolutionDirt to Soil and No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture together and save 10%! The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution by GFM editor Andrew Mefferd includes interviews and analysis to detail the farmer-developed no-till methods used on market farms. In Dirt to Soil by Gabe Brown, learn how the author uses a variety of methods, including rotational grazing and no-till practices, to regenerate soil and sequester carbon on a large scale. In No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture, Bryan O'Hara talks about no-till in addition to many other regenerative farm practices including Korean Natural Farming, high-carbon composting, and more! GFM subscribers still get their 20% subscriber discount off this already low price.

In The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution: High-Production Methods for Small-Scale Farmers, learn how to use natural no-till systems to increase profitability, efficiency, carbon sequestration, and soil health on your farm.

Farming without tilling has long been a goal of agriculture, yet tilling remains one of the most dominant paradigms; almost everyone does it. But tilling kills beneficial soil life, burns up organic matter, and releases carbon dioxide. If the ground could instead be prepared for planting without tilling, time and energy could be saved, soil organic matter increased, carbon sequestered, and dependence on machinery reduced.

The Organic No-Till Farming Revolution is the comprehensive farmer-developed roadmap showing how no-till lowers barriers to starting a small farm, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases efficiency and profitability, and promotes soil health.

Dirt to Soil author Gabe Brown didn’t set out to change the world when he first started working alongside his father-in-law on the family farm in North Dakota. But as a series of weather-related crop disasters put Brown in desperate financial straits, they started making bold changes to their farm. Brown—in an effort to simply survive—began experimenting with new practices he’d learned about from reading and talking with innovative researchers and ranchers. As he and his family struggled to keep the farm viable, they found themselves on an amazing journey into a new type of farming: regenerative agriculture.

In Dirt to Soil Gabe Brown tells the story of that amazing journey and offers a wealth of innovative solutions to our most pressing and complex contemporary agricultural challenge—restoring the soil. The Brown’s Ranch model, developed over twenty years of experimentation and refinement, focuses on regenerating resources by continuously enhancing the living biology in the soil. Using regenerative agricultural principles, Brown’s Ranch has grown several inches of new topsoil in only twenty years! The 5,000-acre ranch profitably produces a wide variety of cash crops and cover crops as well as grass-finished beef and lamb, pastured laying hens, broilers, and pastured pork, all marketed directly to consumers.

In No-Till Intensive Vegetable Culture, Bryan O’Hara describes the methods he has developed, which are completely free of herbicides or other pesticides and require only a few acres of land and minimal capital investment. He asserts that this flexible, ecological methodology is as important for soil fertility as it is for his economic success. This comprehensive manual delves into all facets of a dynamic, holistic growing system, including:

  • No-till bed preparation techniques
  • Seeding and transplanting methods
  • Irrigation
  • Use of fertilizers (including foliar feeds)
  • Composting (preparation and application)
  • Culture of indigenous microorganisms to support soil biology
  • Pest and disease management
  • Year-round growing
  • Harvest and storage techniques

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