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April 2015 Issue

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Buy a printed, mailed copy of the April 2015 issue.

The April 2015 issue features these articles:

  • Jean-Martin Fortier, author of the bestselling book, The Market Gardener, writes about six strategies for preventing weeds.
  • Lynn Byczynski, editor of GFM, analyzes USDA's report on local food for data that pertains to produce growers.
  • Ray Cloyd at Kansas State University, writes about spotted wing drosophila and the control options available to organic growers.
  • Pam Dawling, author of Sustainable Vegetable Farming, describes the best cooking greens to grow in summer. (Celosia, anyone?)
  • Eric and Joanna Reuter from Missouri describe their nightmare with pesticide drift -- and advise on how to respond if it happens to you.
  • Gretel Adams shows how to plant cut flower bulbs and tubers fast and frequently.

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