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2017 Articles in Archive

publication date: Jan 1, 2017


Flower production on a small vegetable farm

This year resolve to grow only what you can sell

Online weather tools for farmers part 2

Common financial mistakes farmers make and how to fix them

Hoophouse style and design considerations

Food hubs: growth and growing pains



How to decide which crops to grow

Year one decision making- starting a farm with only one implement

Winter crop on-farm breeding update: lessons learned after 15 more years

Rudbeckia- the unsung hero of summer bouquets

New flower varieties to try in 2017


Make your mark with local flower branding

The "other" reasons to grow in a greenhouse

Bio-integrated farm design

Welcome to the no-till revolution

Consider growing cukes umbrella style

DIY mobile cooler has many uses


Sweet potato propagation and production updated

Managing a cash crisis

The lost art of cultivating with walk-behind tractors

Every farm is unique; define success your own way

Production improvements for husk cherries

Fertility tips and foliar testing to maximize high tunnel crops

Scaling up the flower farm


Seed: a hot-climate summer hoophouse crop

Schedule two hours every week for busy-season marketing

Upgrading the greenhouse covering

Preparing and turning over no-till permanent beds

Native perennials for flower farms

First-year winter farm budget


Summer lettuce lessons from Southern growers


Dealing with salt buildup in hoophouse soils


If you want to make a profit know your cost of production


Movable tunnels with in-ground hydronic heat


What we can learn from European farmers


Promote your flowers this summer with American Flowers Week


European cultivation tools: modernizing the familiar

Farmers market metrics

Go big: floral installations for weddings and events

Off the beaten berry path

Triage farming


New tools for managing wholesale relationships


Advanced no-till mulching and crimping techniques

Re-purposed used silage tarps: surprisingly affordable, versatile

William's Wildflowers


Innovative winter CSA models lead to summer member retention

Italy's thriving agricultural co-ops

Transitioning to a permaculture market garden

Become the face of your farm

On-farm trials show the promise of biochar

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