Search Tips

The following tips will help Growing for Market users get the most out of our enhanced search function.

  • To search for an exact phrase or name, use quote marks around your search keywords (e.g. "Maine farmer" or "Eliot Coleman"). Otherwise, your search may yield articles where only one (but not all) of the keywords appears.
  • To conduct more sophisticated searches using boolean operators (AND, OR, NOT) make sure to capitalize those operators in your search. (For example, Washington AND Oregon). Do not use quote marks around such search terms.
  • You can now conduct searches for keywords of three or fewer letters (e.g. CSA or NOP).
  • You can conduct wildcard searches using an asterisk to replace missing letters. Thus, to capture all stories that pertain to fertility, you can search for this term: fertil*. This will generate any articles that contain the word fertilizer or fertility, etc.

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