Hear how Zoe Bradbury DeSurra of Valley Flora Farm balances four different farming enterprises between herself, her sister and her mom on one farm. The farm started in an unorthodox way- with a property trade- and overcame a healthy sense of skepticism about whether its rural Oregon location could support a vegetable farm at all, to become the multi-enterprise, matriarchal farm, where everything from the coolers to the draft horses run on solar power today.


Zoe shares the story of how the farm grew over the years, how the different businesses on the farm split revenue, and how she overcame self-imposed limitations to make her farm what it is today. She discusses with host Katie Kulla how she got interested in and learned to use draft horses for farm work, how they have struggled with and solved labor shortages, and how their markets have evolved over the years. Beginning and experienced farmers alike a lot to learn from the evolution of this unique farm in Southern Oregon.


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