The good news is that local farms are reaching more customers than ever through their websites, email, text messaging, search engine optimization and more. The rub is that most small farmers already wear so many hats, it’s unlikely they’re making the most of all those platforms for finding and communicating with customers. That’s why founder and CEO Ari Memar created Farmhand- so their team can handle the digital side of the business, and you can stay outstanding in your field.

With his background in tech, Ari knew the potential these new technologies could have to elevate local farms and how to maximize it. But from his hobby farm in California and seeing the farms around him, it was clear most market farms were not getting the most out of these new technologies. Which is why Ari created Farmhand- to take care of the digital side of the business for farmers. Hear how Farmhand can streamline operations for farmers with website design, SEO, email newsletters, text messaging, CSA management, communications with wholesalers, and more in this week’s interview with host April Parms Jones.


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