In today’s episode, the second of two talking with Growing for Market Magazine editor and podcast co-host Andrew Mefferd, we discuss what he learned from his own farm, and the “green greenhouse” project he was preparing for before taking over GFM. We talk about mistakes made while trying to do too much as a young farmer, why he decided to take over Growing for Market from founder Lynn Byczynski, and why we have to be deliberate as we steward our farms into the future.


In Shop Talk with Neversink Farm we chat about new tools, old tools, how they can benefit your farm and tips to use them successfully with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Tools, which manufactures tools for farmers. In this episode of Shop Talk, we discuss how to ensure good germination when starting seeds in flats. Even though the factors for good germination are simple- heat and moisture- just one day with the wrong conditions can throw off the whole process. We talk about how a germinator can ensure good germination every time.


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