It's a new host special episode! We’re so excited to be welcoming Katie Kulla to the podcast as one of our co-hosts! You may remember hearing Katie on the podcast back in the winter, podcast episodes 8 and 9, discussing her series of articles about balancing farming and parenting. Well, we enjoyed talking with Katie so much, and she brings so much experience from her own farm to the podcast, that we’re stoked to announce she is joining the podcast as a co-host.


We wanted to make sure and record an episode to properly introduce everyone to Katie, because even though she has been on the pod before as a guest, she was mostly not talking about herself, and she brings a wealth of experience to the pod from her farm, Oakhill Organics in Oregon. Katie has been involved with Growing for Market magazine since way before we had a podcast, writing over 20 articles for the magazine over the course of a decade. Just looking at her article titles shows the breadth of experience she will bring to her interviewing. She’s covered many CSA-related topics (including running a full-diet CSA), farm infrastructure, on-farm events, writing farm newsletters, farm equipment, and so much more, all of which can be read as archived articles at


In Shop Talk with Neversink Farm we chat about new tools, old tools, how they can benefit your farm and tips to use them successfully with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Tools, which manufactures tools for farmers. In this episode of Shop Talk, we discuss how important it is to have enough water for all farm needs, including irrigation and washing. We talk about how when drilling a well, there is a limit to how much water any given well can pump, and how to try and get an idea of what that capacity is when the well is being drilled.


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