Bruno Maciel is the third generation managing his family’s flower farm, Florista Lina Farm in Barcelos, Portugal. We hear how his experience working in the flower industry around Europe has guided the changes he is making to the farm, including adding greenhouse production, doing more winter production, dropping unprofitable crops and focusing on quality over quantity. Farmers in North America can learn a lot from Bruno and his data-driven approach to flower farming, and will probably recognize more similarities than differences between flower growing on the west side of the Atlantic and the east.


Bruno also explains how he has used biofumigation with mustards to control soilborne diseases that had been devastating in the past. This method has the advantage not only of controlling diseases without chemicals, but also feeds the soil with organic matter as the mustards are mowed and tilled into the soil to release the biofumigants. For all the details, you can read the article Bruno wrote for the May Growing for Market Magazine, Improving soil quality and treating root pathogens with biofumigation here.


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Facebook: @Florista-Lina

Read the article Bruno wrote for the May Growing for Market Magazine, Improving soil quality and treating root pathogens with biofumigation here.


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