Just your typical CIA to honey farmer story on this podcast! Tara Chapman of Two Hives Honey talks with host Katie Kulla about starting and scaling a honey business, with education and agritourism as important parts of the plan. After a decade of working for The Agency, Tara quit her government job to work for a beekeeper in East Texas, and was inspired to start her own unique honey business.

Two Hives Honey sells raw honey direct to consumers through its online store and a monthly subscription program. They also offer multiple education opportunities through on-site honey tasting, tours, and beekeeper classes. In addition to an interesting story, we learn a lot along the way about pitching an ag business in a tech world, operating a lean business and scaling up only as needed, and incorporating education and agritourism into a farm business model.

Tara also has a lot of insight to share with our listeners on how she built a business out of honey and beekeeping through an innovative combination of farming and marketing. Two Hives Honey has quickly evolved and has grown into a socially conscious business and team that aims to educate their community, provide unique honey and bee experiences, and share why real, raw honey is the best honey!


In Shop Talk with Neversink Farm, we chat about new tools, old tools, how they can benefit your farm and tips to use them successfully with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Tools, which manufactures tools for farmers.

In this episode of Shop Talk with Neversink Farm, we discuss how to get the right spacing for different crops with paperpot transplanters is the subject of this episode of Shop Talk. We talk about what spacings are possible with paper chain pots and learn when it is appropriate to use techniques like skipping cells for spacings outside of what is sold off the shelf, to get the right spacing for any crop.

Thanks to our collaborator on this podcast Neversink Farm. They make this podcast free to everyone with their generous support. For tools designed and made by farmers, check out www.NeversinkTools.com


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