The Culinary Breeding Network helps plant breeders to develop the kind of varieties that market farmers want to grow, i.e. vegetables that taste good. While it might seem obvious that vegetables should taste good, a lot of the effort that goes into vegetable breeding focuses on traits like yield, shelf life and looks, without considering flavor.


In this episode of the Growing for Market Podcast, we talk with Lane Selman, creator and director of the Culinary Breeding Network. Lane grew up on the citrus farm her Sicilian great-grandparents planted in 1919 in Florida. She studied agronomy and entomology at the University of Florida before moving to Oregon in 2000. As a Professor of Practice at Oregon State University, Lane has worked with organic vegetable and grain farmers, managed collaborative research projects, and executed marketing campaigns and outreach events for over 15 years. In 2011, she created the Culinary Breeding Network to build communities of plant breeders, seed growers, farmers, produce buyers, chefs and other stakeholders to improve quality in vegetables and grains.


The Culinary Breeding Network organizes culinary explorations, conversations and celebrations that inspire connection and collaboration throughout the food system. We’ll talk a lot more about what that looks like in action and the enthusiasm Lane brings to helping farmers, chefs, and eaters all explore the fabulous flavors available in fresh seasonal produce. Lane has been immersed in agriculture her entire life and host Katie Kulla was excited to talk about her experiences and work.


In Shop Talk with Neversink Farm, we chat about new tools, old tools, how they can benefit your farm and tips to use them successfully with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Tools, which manufactures tools for farmers.

In this episode of Shop Talk with Neversink Farm, we discuss broadfork design, and the design features that make one unbreakable vs. the design features that make one effective. We talk about why and how to use a broadfork, and why Neversink Tools hasn’t launched one yet, despite working on a design.

Thanks to our collaborator on this podcast Neversink Farm. They make this podcast free to everyone with their generous support. For tools designed and made by farmers, check out


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