On this week’s pod we talk with Brian Campbell and Crystine Goldberg. They own Uprising Seeds, the Certified Organic, farm-based seed business in Bellingham, WA. Brian and Crystine started as fresh market growers in 2004, growing specialty produce for local restaurants, food coops, and farmers markets. During that time they also started one of the country's first food-stamp based CSA programs. 


Brian and Crystine launched Uprising Seeds in 2007 as a small threefold catalog of primarily farm-grown seeds and eventually transitioned entirely to seeds as their market crop by 2011. Now in their 17th year, they maintain and sell a catalog of over 450 varieties of organic vegetable, flower, and herb seeds, growing on about 5 leased acres of cultivated space and working with a network of about a dozen additional seed growers around the Pacific Northwest. Uprising Seeds’ catalog highlights the capacity of varieties with cultural and culinary significance to create community around food and farming, and their seed work is very much rooted in social justice.


Photo by Shawn Linehan


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Website: uprisingorganics.com


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