Today we hear from Cole Mazariegos-Anastassiou, who is a co-owner-operator of Brisa Ranch along with his wife Veronica and their friend Cristóbal Cruz Hernández. They started Brisa Ranch in 2018 and now grow about 40 different organic crops on 30 acres in Pescadero, California, which is 45 miles from the Bay Area. The sell 90% of their produce directly to businesses and institutions throughout Northern California. They were named California New Farmers of the Year by CAFF (the Community Alliance with Family Farmers) in 2021.


Growing on 30 acres might seem like a big farm to many members our audience, but by California standards, Brisa Ranch is still relatively small. We hear from Cole how Brisa Ranch got their foot in the door in what is a packed California farming landscape and market, and how they’ve shaped their farm through their core values.


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