This week we talk with Hannah Rose Weber and Nate Lada, two of the owners at Green Things Farm Collective in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Green Things is a majority women-owned farm business that has evolved out of several businesses. Nate and his wife Jill first started Green Things farm in 2011 at a local farm incubator program. Then they purchased 64 acres where the farm is now settled. In 2020, Green Things joined with Ann Arbor Seed Company and the Land Loom to expand production, share management of running a diverse farm business and develop a model of sustainable, cooperative, and responsible farming. They offer seasonal vegetables and flowers to their local markets through various channels as well as beef.


Hannah takes the lead on market, sales and personnel development. Nate leads vegetable production, infrastructure and production systems innovation. They are joined by a crew of dedicated farmers, including Jill Lada and Michelle Brosius who are also co-owners.


Often on this podcast, we like to discuss people’s personal farming journeys as much as the business side of the discussion, but in this case, it feels like the Green Things Farm Collective almost has a soul and spirit of its own that far transcends what the individual owners and farmers bring to it. So, we get the chance to hear more about the farm itself, how it has evolved, how the people involved are working to meet their goals of sustainability and more!


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