REKO rings gained popularity during the pandemic as a way to keep selling direct to the public when markets were shut down. One of the obstacles to more widespread adoption of the REKO system- reliance on closed Facebook groups to communicate with customers- has been eliminated by Tyler Taggart and REKO Hub. They have developed software to facilitate REKO rings without using Facebook, plus the software is free for producers to use. Instead of charging producers, a small fee is charged to customers when they place an order through REKO Hub.


In case you aren’t already familiar with REKO rings, REKO took the farmers market model and moved the advertising and ordering to a closed Facebook group. Rings correspond to producers in a given geographic area, so during the pandemic, growers from a farmers market that was shut down might have started their own REKO ring to duplicate the farmers market, but in a prepaid format. Buyers perused grower offers and placed orders through the Facebook group, the transactions took place online, and the group of producers in any given REKO ring show up at a predetermined place and time to deliver the pre-ordered goods (think of it like a pre-order farmers market).


For more on the REKO model, click here to read the article from Growing for Market Magazine about REKO rings. And to hear more about how REKO Hub has taken much of the friction out of the REKO model for producers and customers, listen to our interview with Tyler Taggart! We talk about how the model is paid for by customer fees, how making a product posting is as simple as making a social media post, and how REKO Hub can help customers find local food and flower growers.


Here's a link to the GFM article about REKO rings mentioned in the podcast-

Reko Ring: A new way to pre-sell online


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