Adversity is something all farmers will have to overcome at some point in their careers, and on this podcast episode we talk with Anthonie Conner of 4A Market Gardens in Torrington, Wyoming, for a dose of inspiration. Anthonie overcame alcohol addiction, then threw himself into starting his market garden during the pandemic, in addition to holding down an off-farm job as a welder. We talk about perseverance, and how to stay motivated when you have weeds as tall as you are. We also talk strategies for building a farm business in a lightly populated rural area, including working with aggregators and finding ways to stand out at markets.


In Shop Talk with Neversink Farm, we chat about new tools, old tools, how they can benefit your farm and tips to use them successfully with Conor Crickmore of Neversink Tools, which manufactures tools for farmers.

In this episode of Shop Talk with Neversink Farm, we discuss why, how and when to broadfork. We talk about how if you’re not tilling (or even if you are!), broadforking can be a great way to aerate the soil with a minimum of disturbance. We talk about why and how to use a broadfork, how much to broadfork, and when you may be able to decrease the amount of broadforking or stop completely.

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