Learn how Ben Hartman cut his farm down to 1/3 of an acre from an acre without taking a pay cut on this week’s pod. Ben Hartman is well known for adapting LEAN principles from manufacturing to his farm in order to cut out waste and maximize efficiency; that is the subject of his previous two books, The Lean Farm and The Lean Farm Guide to Growing Vegetables. However, even after LEANing up his previous two farms, he found he was working too much at the expense of family, friends and community.


So he and his wife and farming partner Rachel embarked on a quest to radically LEAN up their farm, and that is the story of his new book, The Lean Micro Farm, and this podcast. Hear how, though skeptical at first, he was able to make as much income and support the family off of 1/3 of an acre instead of the one acre they were previously farming, which in itself is a big reduction from the 400 acres his family was farming when he was growing up.


In addition to the ideas underlying efficient micro-farming, this episode is packed with practical information for how to maximize efficiency on a farm of any size, including a simple plan for farm-based fertility, how to find markets for all your produce within a few miles of the farm, quick two-step bed flips, and crops to focus on to maximize income from a small area. Growing for Market Magazine subscribers always get 20% off all books, including The Lean Micro Farm, at growingformarket.com.


Buy One Of Ben Hartman's Books:

Book 1: The Lean Micro Farm (Preorder now- available late Nov 2023)

Book 2: The Lean Farm: Guide to Growing Vegetables

Book 3: The Lean Farm: How to Minimize Waste, Increase Efficiency, and Maximize Value and Profits


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Website: www.ClayBottomFarm.com

Instagram: @claybottomfarm


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