January 2010

Hoophouse update: most profitable uses

High tunnel innovations

Urban farms start to meet with resistance

Steps for successful planning

Advice for winter down time: go to school and learn a skill

Water greenhouse plants automatically

Take dahlia cuttings now for hoophouse planting

February 2010

Managing hoophouse soils, weeds, pests, disease

A daughter reflects on her family farm's lessons

Don't heat the whole greenhouse

Celery and celeriac: seeding is the hardest part

Urban farming fears: disease, noise, commerce

Free crop planning software

A quest for long-stemmed sweet peas

March 2010

Movable hoophouses: the next generation

Growing peas, even where it's hot

Building an efficient wash station

Welcome new additions to summer bouquets

Equipment to make root washing easier

April 2010

What's ahead for CSA? Some growers worry as CSAs get even larger

Beets and carrots: what you need to succeed

Sharpen your tools for greater efficiency

Free spreadsheets for market farms

Scheduling crops in the hoophouse

Even California winters benefit from hoophouses

Romantic roses for cutting

May 2010

New strategies make great-tasting tomatoes

Greens all winter, even at -35

Winter squash extend the season

Many kinds of weeds, many kinds of hoes

It's easy to fall in love with lilacs

June/July 2010

Caterpillar tunnel: An inexpensive variation on the hoophouse theme

An inexpensive substitute for refrigerated truck

New resources, ideas on setting prices

Plow pan may be cause of reduced yield, stunted growth in plants

Using hoes for maximum weed control

Plan a long season of sweet corn

Wedding flowers profitable, but time-consuming; figure out the level of service you can offer brides

August 2010

Hoophouse crops for winter harvest

NRCS funds 2,300 high tunnels

New book outlines 11 steps to success

Set your financial goals

Choose the best spreader for your fertility needs

Market scenes: Fayetteville, AR

Credit cards at market? There's an app for that

Wedding flowers, part 2: Prices, estimates, contracts

September 2010

Seventh-inning stretch

Vegetables that can take the cold

Managing caterpillars organically

New tomato varieties resistant to late blight

Crop spacing affects more than yield

Fall ornamentals bring late-season cash

October 2010

A quick and easy way to cover hoophouse crops

The scientific truth about garlic varieties

How and when to plant garlic

New insurance program offers both general liability and product liability for farmers market vendors

Can politics and tomatoes mix? Farmers and customer debate the use of campaign signs at a roadside market

Customize garden carts for farm tasks

Plant bulbs now for bountiful spring bouquets

November/December 2010

Common greenhouse problems-solved!

Tools and gizmos for gift-giving

Spreadsheets simplify crop planning, recordkeeping

BADSEED: Sharing the joys of urban farming

Wreaths, centerpieces finish the season